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Kiltie is a women's clothing brand of jackets, trousers and suits with a strong, decisive and self-confident character, inspired by masculine lines but with a charming soul.


The Kiltie woman affirms herself on contemporary trends, without giving up her femininity, elegance and sensuality. A classic but contemporary style that does not neglect the passion for glamor, which is indeed the confirmation of an independent and determined personality.


The sartorial approach of each garment is made guarantees maximum attention to the product, which becomes the true stylistic signature of all the collections.


Kiltie captures the essence and strength of modern women and declines them in design garments made with high quality materials, the result of know-how developed in almost sixty years of experience.

Kiltie S.r.l.

Via Cav. Francesco Minini, 41

Verolavecchia 25029 (Bs) Italy

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